The Blackwater Beekeepers Association tries to assist is members as much as they can!  Some of the benefits of being part of The Blackwater Beekeepers Association is the knowledge and support that we are able to give to our members! One way we do this is with a mentoring program.
We ask that you are a member of our association in order for us to match you with the nearest mentor.   If you are not a member of our association JOIN NOW BY CLICKING HERE!

Looking For A Mentor? What To Expect As A Mentee!

  • Mentors are assigned to educate, advise and provide insight based on their beekeeping experience.  Mentors can assist you in decisions or any plans of action that may help you and your hive but  are NOT responsible to make decisions for you because there is always a risk of failure.   
  • Please before contacting your Mentor do your own research online, if possible, to give you more knowledge to discuss your beekeeping situation and options with your mentor.  
  • Please respect your Mentor’s time and be prepared if you and your Mentor are meeting (Example: bring the equipment you are needing. If you do not know what that is then ask your Mentor before meeting.)
  • If you have any issues with your Mentor feel free to contact me.  

Mentor Guidelines

  • As a Mentor you are here to educate, explain situations and possible solutions. Encourage your Mentee to research any issues they have along with chatting with you. Make sure that your Mentee understands that there is always risk of failure with any actions that they take. 
  • Remember that as a new beekeeper there are a lot of questions and you are helping your Mentee gain the knowledge that they will someday share with someone else. Be patient and remember we all were beginners at one time. Encourage your Mentee to learn as much as they can!  Maybe suggest a few books or websites!
  • Be sure that you are able to respond to your Mentee. If you are unable to find the time to continue Mentoring then please contact me and I can find someone to help.