The Blackwater Beekeepers Association conducted its Beginning Beekeepers course in January

The course was led by Dr. Wm. Michael Hood (Email address: , Clemson University School of Entomology (Email: www.clemson@edu.entemology), David MacFawn (Email address:, S.C.ç—´ only Certified Master Beekeeper, and our own, much experienced Glenn Tyler (Email address: A hands-on follow-up was held at the home of Ben Smith. It is hoped to offer this course yearly, as demand requires. Please contact the BBA President (Email address: if you are interested in being a part of the next course offering.

The South Carolina State Beekeepers Association operates the Master Beekeeper Program. The South Carolina Master Beekeeper program began in 1996. It is a 4 level program that tests the beekeepers knowledge and skill in beekeeping and requires public service work to help educate the general public. The program is administered by the members of the SC State Beekeepers Association and is self sustaining. The fees are $5.00 for the first level, $10.00 for the second level, and $15.00 for the third and fourth levels. There are currently 370 beekeepers participating in the program. 21 have attained Journeyman status and we have 1 Master Beekeeper and 1 Master Craftsman Beekeeper.

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